AMA Safety Programming 


AMA Safety Code


All members must read, affirm, and actively operate within our Safety Code and programming.



AMA Safety Handbook


This safety handbook is a compilation of AMA documents and programs as they pertain to safe model operation.



Be An Active Participant 


Member must provide contact information so the AMA can distribute training, eduation, and safety information such as FAA TFR Notices.


Members should join a club and flight instructor-find a flying site near you.  






Keep Your Model In Line Of Sight


Members must operate model aircraft within visual line of sight of the operator(s). At times, a spotter may be necessary.




See And Avoid Manned Aircraft


Model aircraft must actively avoid manned aircraft by following our See and Avoid Guidance.


Notify airports within five (5) miles miles before operations. Click here for guidance.


Be aware of No Fly Zones.


AirMap for iOS and Android

Download AirMap for iOS  Download AirMap for Android



Be Responsible 


Follow Federal regulations and never fly in a careless and reckless manor.


Maintain an appropriate level of financial responsibility to protect people and property (AMA provides $2.5 million in liability coverage as a member benefit)








Educational Resources



Commercial Operator Training


Public Safety Training




For more information about AMA educational resources, visit AMAFlightSchool.Org